Beard Grooming

Styling has never been limited to women. The art of looking handsome and getting makeovers has its own story for men and grooming the beard is one of them. A man cannot imagine the makeover without shaping or styling the beard. Our grooming products use natural products and we want our customers to have a positive experience with their beards.

Verma’s Unisex Salon offer a wide range of services and treatments that every man wishes to get. Our professionally trained stylists and experts leave no stone upturned to give you the best look that would do all the talking and make your style better than the best!

Verma's Beard Grooming Service

  • Hair Clippers & Trimmers

  • Hair Scissors & Razors

  • Shaving

  • Moustache & Beard

  • Hair Care & Styling

  • Hairdressing Essentials & Accessories

  • Hair Electricals

  • Hair Furniture & Equipment